The use of mycorrhizal fungal inoculants has gained popularity in the last few years in ornamental and horticultural production. Growers use mycorrhizal inoculants to increase water and nutrient uptake, promote vegetative growth, enhance plant health, reduce stress effects on the plants, etc. These inoculants are widely accepted as potential alternatives or complements to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Mycorrhizal inoculants contain living organisms that require special attention and knowledge of their compatibility with other production technology elements. In this session, attendees will learn about how these organisms affect water and nutrient availability, how long they persist in the soil, how the growing media/substrates are affected on a physical and chemical level by these inoculants, and how these organisms can be combined with traditional pesticides and fertilizers. This session will help growers understand how to make the best decision about which of these inoculant products will benefit their production and provide maximum return on investment.

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